🚨Announcement: Deprecation of Camp Network Testnet V1

In our continuous effort to improve performance and provide a more robust development environment, we are deprecating the old Camp Network Testnet V1 and transitioning to a Camp Network Testnet V2 .

Key Information

  • Deprecation Date: July 1st, 2024

  • Action Required: Transition to the Camp Network Testnet V2 before the deprecation date.

  • Important Note: Please note that we are starting Camp Network Testnet V2 from genesis rather than performing a chain migration. Therefore, it is essential to transition your projects to Camp Network Testnet V2 to ensure uninterrupted development and testing.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we make this important upgrade. For detailed instructions on how to migrate to Camp Network Testnet V2 , please refer to our migration guide.

Key Details

Camp Network Testnet V2 Chain RPC Endpoints:

Camp Network Testnet V1 Chain RPC Endpoints:

What This Means for You

🚨 To ensure seamless testing, you must migrate to the Camp Network Testnet before July 1st, 2024. Note that block history from your current environment will not be transferred, meaning all historical data and transactions will be unavailable on Camp Network Testnet V2 .

🚨 Therefore, it is essential to deploy your existing smart contracts to the Camp Network Testnet to continue your development and testing without interruption.

  1. Upgrading to Camp Network Testnet V2 :

    • All developers and users must update their configurations to point to the new RPC endpoints.

    • Deploy your existing smart contracts from the old chain to Camp Network Testnet V2.

    • Please ensure that any scripts, applications, or services that interact with our network are updated accordingly.

  2. Support During Transition:

    • Our team is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible. In addition to the documentation, please reach out to the Camp team if you have any troubles with migrating here

Action Required

Follow these steps to migrate to the Camp Network Testnet V2:

  1. Bridge over SepoliaETH or Get free Camp Network ETH:

  2. Update Configurations:

  3. Re-Deploy Smart Contracts and Subgraphs:

    • Deploy your smart contracts and subgraphs on Camp Network Testnet V2 to ensure full functionality.

  4. Testing:

    • Thoroughly test your applications and services with the Camp Network Testnet V2 to ensure compatibility and performance.

  5. Feedback:

    • We value your feedback. Please report any issues or concerns you encounter during the transition to our support team.

What's Exciting About V2

Leveraging Gelato's Features: Camp Network Testnet V2 will leverage Gelato RaaS — an all-in-one Ethereum Rollup-as-a-Service platform that enables fast, secure, and scalable deployment of Layer 2 chains with native integrations to popular web3 tools and services, reducing development costs and enhancing performance through a modular architecture; for more details, check out their docs here.

Gelato Middleware Integrations

Central to our testnet V2 is the Gelato Middleware, a robust suite of tools designed to automate and optimize your applications:

Fully-Integrated Partner Services

Our testnet V2 offer a fully integrated web3 service suite, providing all the infrastructure and tools necessary to build feature-rich applications:

  • Goldsky - read, edit, and sync fresh chain data

  • dRPC - access reliable & globally distributed nodes

  • Blockscout - access essential on-chain data

  • Thirdweb - onboard anyone with flexible sign-in options

  • ZeroDev - create smart wallets for your users

  • Safe - use the most secure smart wallet infrastructure

  • DIA - source data from on and off-chain platforms

  • Tenderly - build, test, monitor, and operate smart contracts


This upgrade is a significant step forward in enhancing our network's capabilities. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding during this transition.

For any questions or support, please reach out to:

Our TeamTelegram Email

Rahul Doraiswami



Charlene Nicer



Thank you for your continued support.

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