About Camp

What is Camp Network?

Camp Network is the world's first modular identity layer.

Camp aggregates Web2 online user data, enabling users to own and monetize their identities while providing protocols with the insights they need to build immersive user experiences.

Why Camp?

Apps onchain have yet to find sustained communities / engagement because of a lack of user identity - their interests and preferences. A rigorous onboarding processes and short attention span lead to a lack of identity, which results in protocols leveraging premature airdrops to bootstrap an initial community. The issue is that this attracts users who are more interested in short-term monetary rewards than the protocol itself.

The solution is data. When protocols have information on their users, they can create tailored and immersive experiences. They can build algorithms that respect the interests of their users and create onboarding processes that are ubiquitously easy to understand for Web2 natives.

Existing Web3 identity solutions have struggled by focusing on onchain data - given the lack of engaging consumer-friendly Web3 apps, onchain data is scarce and doesn’t paint a full picture of a user’s identity. What really matters is where users really spend their time online - across Web2 platforms (i.e. YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc...).

Camp is the only team in Web3 that has access to verified Web2 data which not only helps teams build better experiences but ultimately benefits the users who are able to own and monetize their data. Access to this level of verified data across the Web3 ecosystem is a true game-changer.

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